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You can capture every caller when you use Phone Sound to turn your business telephone system into a powerful marketing tool. Impress them with a professional greeting and entertaining on hold messages and music.

Producing and creating messages in Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and the world
Phone Sound is a leading audio recording studio based on the Gold Coast, Australia. We record telephone audio productions for businesses from all around Australia. We also have a wide variety of available voice artists from all over the world.

Entertain callers and keep them on the telephone line
When callers are greeted with a professional sounding on hold message, even when they have to wait on hold, they are more likely to stay on the line longer and be a more pleasant customer when they listen to telephone on hold messages while they wait.

On Hold Client Adelaide Sample:

phone sound trinity medical centre client

All of our receptionists are currently busy but one will be with you shortly, please hold.
Prevention is the best remedy, so get onto ailments, before they bring you down! A practice nurse is available Monday to Friday for all childhood vaccinations and for free adult flu vaccinations for those over 65, pregnant women, aboriginal patients and those with chronic illness such as diabetes, asthma, heart disease etc. For those suffering from chronic and ongoing illnesses such as diabetes and asthma, we can help you manage and make sure that these illnesses don’t have to degrade your quality of life. Find out how we can help you soon.

MESSAGE 2: All of our receptionists are currently busy but one will be with you shortly, please hold.
We offer easy parking with over 100 car parks. We have 10 doctors on hand, including Male and Female GP's. We are open From 8 till 6 7 days a week . We’re at the corner of College Street  and Grand Junction Road
We have recently expanded our services and now include a Pharmacy, Dentist, specialist clinic, eye clinic, Physiotherapy, Chiropractor, Psychologists, Podiatry, Dietitian, and a Blood collection centre…. Help is on hand, we’ll be with you soon.

MESSAGE 3: All of our receptionists are currently busy but one will be with you shortly, please hold.
For Pap smears, and gender specific check ups, we have female doctors, and for male specific tests, we have a number of male doctors to make the test more comfortable for you. We also offer general health checks including checks for cholesterol, BP, weight and more for those aged 45 to 49, and those over 75.
We are fully AGPAL accredited. Please Book an appointment when you come off hold.

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Adelaide Telephone Music and Messages On Hold
Phone Messages are an important part of any business phone system. Let Phone Sound record an award winning audio recording for your business!

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